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Designed for banks and stockbroking firms

►  Support equities CFD with multi-market and multi-currency capabilities.

►  Give full flexibility in setting interest rate, commission charges, interest-free period, and fee amalgamation to support competitive pricing strategies.

►  Streamline CFD operations by supporting the entire CFD life-cycle and connecting with your existing CFD trading platform through system interfaces.

►  Incorporate comprehensive collateral management system.

►  Incorporate margin call module to set margin ratio and centrally manage margin calls.

►  Streamline authorization workflow and approval.

►  Automated processing of Corporate Actions such as dividends and bonus/share splits and their impact on clients’ CFD position adjustments and cash adjustments.

►  Powerful risk management capabilities.

► Open architecture that connects readily with internal and external systems.

Ease of Operation

Optimai CFD Trading System:

►  Supports the Direct Market Access Model with straight-through processing.‍‍

►  Allows easy login with one integrated login.

►  The integrated login feature allows your CFD clients to use their existing Internet trading account login ID to access the Optimai CFD Trading System. It removes the hassle of remembering additional user ID and password.

►  Provides CFD clients with a comprehensive overview of their trades.

Upon login, your CFD clients only need to click on the CFD tab to access the Optimai CFD trading module and gather the following information:

►   CFD portfolio positions with daily mark-to-market capability

►  Order status (open, closed, executed, cancelled)

►  Available margin and CFD positions

►  List of equities available for CFD with information on trading volume, bid-offer spread, long or short positions, leverage and financing ratios

►  What-if analysis to simulate CFD portfolio position with a buy or sell order

►  CFD order ticket to get the online request form for cash/collateral deposit/withdrawal