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Investment Data Warehouse

Master your data landscape with the Investment Data Warehouse, a robust solution designed for precision and efficiency. Tailored to fund management companies, our platform provides comprehensive base models and ready computations, significantly reducing the time and cost of adoption. Streamline your data processes and unlock the power of a fully integrated, cost-effective data management system.

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Interactive Dashboard

Transform data into strategy with our Interactive Dashboard. Tailored for fund management professionals, this tool enables swift, multi-dimensional analysis through an intuitive user interface. Dive deep into your data with the confidence that comes from a dashboard that thinks as fast as you do, and make informed decisions with clarity and speed.

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Portfolio AI Copilot (PAT)

Integrated with GenAI, PAT empowers fund managers to interact with their portfolios through natural language. Ask any question— whether it's about portfolio performance, risk assessment, or comparison against benchmark — and PAT will analyze and respond, incorporating key metrics for a comprehensive review. This seamless integration simplifies analysis, making sophisticated portfolio analysis accessible to everyone. With PAT, your portfolio analytics is not just numbers, but a story told through data.

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Investment Compliance Monitoring

Ensure adherence to regulations with our Investment Compliance Monitoring solution that is tailored for Fund Management Companies. Navigate complex compliance requirements — including counterparty, exposure limits, and regulatory rules — with automated notifications for any breaches. Stay compliant with client, regulatory, and internal standards effortlessly, protecting your firm from compliance risk.

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Personal Account Dealing And Declarations

Maintain ethical trading practices with our Personal Account Dealing and Declarations system, designed to align employees' personal trading activities with regulatory frameworks. Customize compliance rules, automate pre-trade checks, and facilitate electronic declarations, ensuring all trading activities are free from conflict of interest. With direct email approvals and comprehensive tracking, fund management companies can easily stay in line with the U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Monetary of Authority (MAS) personal dealing policies.

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