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Asset Management Solution

Improve productivity, streamline workflow, reduce risk.

Designed for small to medium-sized fund management companies

 Support position keeping and daily valuation.

 Support transaction entry for trade, cash and security movement, as well as corporate action adjustment.

 Enable user to independently verify position and valuation provided by the custodian as well as commission and brokerage charged by the broker.

 Support pre-trade compliance check of key client, regulatory and firm-based restriction.

 Support online enquiry of portfolio by asset class, country exposure, portfolio summary; transaction; and security.

 Include a set of reports such as daily valuation report, reconciliation report, portfolio comparison report. Additional reports may be customized.

 Flexible user access control, maker-checker control and full audit trail.

 Incorporate pre-built interfaces to market data providers.

Optimai data warehouse framework is designed specifically for financial institutions.

►  Minimize implementation effort and risk with this proven framework. It consolidates data from various sources and serves as a central depository of data for reports and analytics. The framework supports multi-asset types, currencies, markets and entities.

►  The implemented rules are transparent and easy to understand. No requirement to learn any proprietary programming language.

 Enjoy continuous data quality as this proven framework allows users to fix data exceptions with the full audit trail.

 Move your User Developed Applications (UDAs) and information centrally to the data warehouse with proper user access and maker-checker control, and full audit trail. Made possible by readily configurable data maintenance modules.

 Leverage from our set of analytics and reports including asset mix, asset allocation, compliance hedging reports. These reports may be customized to your requirements.

 Gain insights on your business with portfolio and performance analytics; improve client reporting.

►   Support GIP compliance.

Regulatory & Compliance made simple

Generate Risk-Based Capital (RBC) regulatory reports in minutes. These RBC reports are in accordance with The Monetary Authority of Singapore Notice SAF04-N13. The ready solutions work with all accounting systems and implementation takes only 2 days.

Adopt a proven Personal Account Dealing System. Designated users simply need to click "approve" or "reject" on the email trade request. This flexible solution can be configured in accordance with your compliance policies, e.g. your approval process and list of Restricted Securities. Implementation just takes a few days.

Manage the following Compliance Declarations:

Form 15

Fit & Proper Declaration

Outside Business Interest

Related Party

Initial & Annual Declaration

Implement a Post Trade Compliance Monitoring Solution that helps you to comply with key client, regulatory and internal compliance requirements. These include restrictions on counterparty, currency hedging, exposure (including derivatives), benchmark and concentration limits, eligible investments, DFII/RQFII regulations and the related party. You will be automatically notified whenever there is a breach of any restriction.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance can be a breeze. Simply adopt our suite of proven solutions that has been co-designed with customers. We have invested years in understanding compliance requirements and developing the technology. Now you can adopt the solutions with ease and at unbelievably low cost.

Investment Data Warehouse

Let this engine take care of mundane data cleansing and harmonizing work.

Be empowered to improve performance with prompt data-driven decisions.