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Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources

From any data sources, such as brokers, custodians, fund accountants, transfer agents and private banks. In any format including direct feed, file transfer, API and PDF.

Optimize data cost with Bloomberg adaptor

Enrich data for analysis

Users can enrich the data for analysis with our ready Bloomberg adaptor.

Extract only the fields you need reducing unnecessary expenses.

Pull specified fields only

Tailor the Bloomberg integration settings to align with your data requirements.

Configurable adaptor

Comprehensive Security Master

The Security Master supports a multitude of assets, from equities, fixed income, structured deposits, foreign exchange, futures & options to cryptocurrencies.

State-of-the-art Data Transformation engine

Standardize reference data

Varying currency or security identifiers from different source systems are harmonized.

Compute asset values, exposure

Crucial computations have been pre-configured. More computations can be added.

Classify assets by asset type, country, sector, and ratings

Assets may be classified differently for different purposes. Users may override the classification.

Generates interfaces for downstream systems

Interfaces may include FactSet & Barra.

Data is transformed with rule-based algorithms

Data Imperfections: A Common Challenge

Raw data isn't always perfect. Errors, inconsistencies and missing data are common pain points

Advanced Data Checking

Using rule-based algorithms, our system proactively identifies exceptions, ensuring that data errors don't go unnoticed.

Users can correct data errors in the Investment Data Warehouse. This is valuable as rectifications at external source systems are frequently not possible.

Magic of rectification

Auto-fix errors

The system automatically applies previous corrections to similar future errors. This process not only enhances data accuracy but also reduces manual checks, streamlining data management.