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Factoring and Supply Chain Financing

Optimai Factoring and Supply Chain Financing System is one of the latest initiatives in Optimai suite of products, leveraging on Optimai’s extensive experience in providing quality solutions for financial institutions.

It supports various factoring types including invoice factoring, invoice discounting, accounts receivables financing and export factoring. It also supports various factoring arrangements such as with/without notification; or with/without recourse. It is a scalable solution and can be extended to support Supply Chain Financing.

Optimai Factoring and Supply Chain Financing System streamlines credit and operational processes.  For instance, it takes in file upload for invoices and credit notes. Processes are automated where possible. For instance, it auto-organizes uploaded invoices into eligible/ineligible and computes the available advance based on pre-defined parameters. It has a suite of business and risk parameters for you to control credit limit, debtor limits, advance ratio, as well as discount rate, service and handling fees, etc. System alerts can be set to prompt users for actions, and it also highlights policy breaches to ease the workload of users.

Optimai Factoring and Supply Chain Financing System’s rich dashboards and reports enable you to manage your factoring portfolio and mitigate related risks effectively. You will be able to look at your factoring portfolio from different perspectives such as at portfolio, client, debtor or sales teams level.