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P   R   I   M   E

Centralized Risk Management System

Optimai Real-Time Centralized Risk Management System provides:

► Post-trade firm-wide exposure monitoring and scenario analysis. Provide views of the firm’s overall exposure as well as by trading representatives, clients, and securities.‍‍

►  A single view of individual client and firm’s exposure integrated across assets and products.  This includes Cash Trading, Contra Losses, Share Margin Financing, Securities Borrowing and Lending, Contracts of Difference.  Provide views of client’s limits, positions, exposure, order and trades and collaterals.

►  Dynamic, common collateral optimization across assets and products that will comply with existing regulatory requirements.

The CRMS is a risk management layer supporting open APIs that can connect to any trading and back office systems. It is designed for low latency, high performance, fault-tolerant and scalable.

Real-time mark-to-market view of exposure