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Possibilities for growth and expansion

Optimai Share Margin Financing System Offers many possibilities for growing and expanding your Share Margin Financing business

►   Scale your business by financing trades in multi-markets, multi-currencies.

►   Improve productivity with smart customer and collateral management and lean operational team.

Personalize financing schemes for your best customers.

►   Robust collateral management features that support flexible margin financing and collateral management policies with real-time marked-to-market capability.

►   Centralized margin call module to manage margin calls and generation of margin call letters.

►   Powerful enquiry features and what-if analysis to support client enquiries.

►   Easy adoption with several ready features as the widely-adopted Share Margin Financing System in Singapore.

►   Open architecture that connects readily with internal and external systems.

Extend Your Share Margin Financing Business

The following modules may be added to your Share Margin Financing System:

►   Bond Financing Module supports bond financing.

Initial Public Offer and Employee Stock Option Module support Initial Public Offer and Employee Stock Option financing.

Risk-based Pricing Module enables you to build a quality share margin financing portfolio, by offering tiered interest rates based on the quality of the collateral.

►   Third Party Financing Module enables you to partner and finance trades that are executed by third party brokerages.

►   Transaction Loan Module enables you to set different interest rates for selected transactions.

►   2-in-1 Account Module enables you to set cash and margin trading from one single account.

Share Margin Financing