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Syndicated Loan

Flexible syndication loans

Optimai Syndicated Loans System simplifies the management of loans that are financed by multiple banks, private equity managers or liquidity providers.  It supports :

  • Flexible loan types such as term loan, revolving credit
  • Flexible collateral types (such as properties, bonds, equities) and collateral valuation
  • Flexible interest computation including fixed and floating rates, different day count convention and advanced features such as option to include/ exclude interest on interest-payment-day
  • A wide range of fees such as legal fees, arranger fees, with option to collect fees upfront or capitalize the fees
  • Risk takers (or Liquidity providers) and their risk participations
  • Real-time or daily collateral mark-to-market and margin call
  • Management of repayment with payment due & overdue reports
  • Processing of principal/ interest/ fees payment
  • Automation of distribution of interests and fees to risk-takers based on their risk participation
  • Additional loan tranches with the same or different risk takers as the earlier tranches
  • Loan revision with revision of loan terms such as interest rate, repayment schedule, maturity date
  • Enquiry & reports for loan cashflow projection, risk-takers, borrower, etc.