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An in-depth understanding corporate action events leads to an advanced corporate action solution that improves operational efficiency, lowers risk with the capability of valuation adjustment

Improve operational efficiency and lower cost with streamline corporate action processing

Corporate action data feeds may be incorporated to ensure timely corporate actions processing. Alternatively, interfaces to our clients’ preferred corporate action vendors are available.  Manual data entry is supported too.

Entitlements and election processing have been elegantly designed. Entitlements are automatically generated based on clients’ holdings. Notification may be via mail or e-notification.  Election processing is streamlined.  It automatically checks election against eligible quantity and automates the computation of fees and settlement amount.  It may be further configured to check against our clients’ credit policy and alerts users of any policy breach.  

Reduce risk with monitoring of corporate action processing

Monitor Corporate Action processing with a suite of online enquiries and reports.  These enquiries and reports include a list of corporate action events and the processing status; election summary; and etc.

Advance solution with the capacity of valuation adjustments

Valuation adjustment is well appreciated by our clients that grant credit facilities based on equities as collaterals, such as share margin financing or portfolio financing.  Prices of the underlying equities may be affected by corporate action events.  This smart solution enables our clients to adjust the portfolio valuation to reduce margin call or excess caused by corporate action events.