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Powerful and advanced Structured Finance System that is suitable for banks, alternative and money lenders

A flexible loan management system to meet your needs

Optimai Structured Finance System supports comprehensive loan features.  It supports various loan types such as bridging loan, property loan, interest-in-advance loan and revolving credit.  Different repayment types such as balloon repayment, installment loan, interest servicing loan; and flexible repayment schedule are supported.  Fees and interest such as legal fees, upfront fees, administration fees, upfront interest or interest due may be capitalized.  Interest handling is also flexible, for instance the interest due amount can be set to include or exclude the interest amount on the repayment date. Various collateral types such as listed and unlisted equities, bonds, properties; loan-to-valuation requirement and collateral haircuts may be maintained and monitored.

Advanced Structured Finance System for different loan requirements

The system allows related loans to be grouped as a project so that users can have a single view of the related loans.  For instance, users can group a hospital project with construction loan, equipment loan and working capital loan to enjoy a single view of the loan project repayment, loan-to-valuation, cashflow and internal rate of return.  Another example of the system’s advanced features is flexible loan revision.  Various loan terms such as additional loan principal, interest handling or repayment schedule may be revised multiple times throughout the loan term without having to terminate the original loan and set up a new one.  This flexible system feature enables users to review the loan cashflow, performance and internal rate of return from loan inception through various loan revisions until full repayment.  The system also incorporates a powerful enquiry that enable users to view historical and projected cashflow, internal rate of return, computation for interest and late interest, projected interest, etc.

Liquidity provider module for loan syndication and risk sharing

The liquidity provider module is required when the loan is financed by various liquidity providers as in the case of syndicated loans.  The system tracks the various liquidity providers, the participation percentages or quantum, and cashflow.   Interest repayment received from the borrower may be auto-allocated back to liquidity providers.  The loan may be drawdown in multiple tranches and if so, the risk participation may be different for different tranche.  Users may further track historical and projected loan cashflow by project or respective liquidity provider.