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Comprehensive platform that supports institutional and retail clients’ Securities Borrowing & Lending

Optimai Securities Borrowing and Lending System is a multi-markets multi-currencies platform that supports both institutional and retail securities borrowing and lending.  If a client does both securities borrowing and securities lending, this can be supported from a single account with netting of positions and collaterals. Alternatively, an account can be set up to support the client’s securities borrowing and another to support securities lending.

The system benefits from Optimai’s rich experience and proven system architecture that supports client grouping, collateral management, position & collateral marked-to-market, margin call management, flexible borrowing & lending fee structure, loan creation, loan return, loan re-rate, collateral movement, etc. It also supports operational workflow processes such as transaction confirmation, transaction settlement, transaction cancellation and transaction reversal.

Easy-to-use Securities Borrowing and Lending System that improves operational efficiency

Optimai Securities Borrowing and Lending System is designed to be easy-to-use and configurable to suit the organization’s workflow. User friendly features include data loading of acceptable collateral list or collateral parameters. Email alerts can be configured to prompt users of margin call, transaction pending authorization, upcoming corporate action events, etc. System alerts can also be configured to prompt users that a transaction may lead to a breach of credit limit, margin requirement, etc. Operational workflow such as transaction confirmation, automated or manual transaction settlement can be configured based on the organisation’s processes.

Advanced and scalable Securities Borrowing and Lending System

Optimai Securities Borrowing and Lending System is an advanced system that supports principal and agency securities borrowing and lending model. It can be extended to support retail securities borrowing and lending program with fair allocation algorithm. Corporate action module may be added. Optimai systems are built on open architecture and can be readily interfaced to external system such as custodian and depository agents, market data feeds, corporate action feeds, core banking system, etc.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use and advanced Securities Borrowing & Lending System that supports your business growth